Arizona Coyotes, Goalie Saga, Coach Swap: 2013


Now that’s a show I would watch, NHLN! Isn’t it the perfect set-up to a reality show? I’ll admit, when it leaked that Torts was definitively going to be the coach of the Canucks, I wasn’t happy. Since then, I’ve come to accept it and am looking forward to the season, to be quite honest. This past week’s continued goalie drama has increased my respect of him, if the rumors are true that he is flying/has flown down to talk to Luongo.

Speaking of that goalie drama. The continued controversy over this is irritating me. Schneider’s gone. Let it finally die, would you? Whether there were so called “off-ice issues” or not, give the man the respect he deserves. This saga is finally over and I look forward to seeing what he does for the New Jersey Devils – and seeing Luongo have the spotlight back.

Free Agency & the Canucks. Yep, nope. I’m not ready to emotionally deal with Raymond not being back as a fact, not an assumption. I’ll let you know how I feel after he signs somewhere new… Which up until Tuesday night, I was hoping it would be with the Phoenix – oh, excuse me – Arizona Coyotes.

Which brings me to… WHAT THE F ARE YOU THINKING, GLENDALE? As a former administrative assistant to the Mayor as well as a small business manager, I feel that my opinion that this makes little to no business sense is justified. Take out the emotional factor that I would have loved to see an NHL team in Seattle this next season. They are not going to recoup the losses from this and in five, six – maybe even as early as three – years from now, this deal is going to come back to haunt them.

Regarding the name change – as I type this, it was just announced on Twitter that for the 2013-2014 season, the Coyotes will not be changing their name. Good. This gives them time to rethink that “re-branding” tool. This change isn’t going to give you more fans, if anything, it will make current fans angry that they have to spend MORE money to be current with their apparel. Say they bought a Coyotes jersey now, personalized it with their name, etc. When this name change takes place, that jersey will be outdated. I can see why an organization would want that – hopefully encouraging fans to spend more money, etc. on their club. But as someone who runs on a budget?? It makes me very angry that they plan to take advantage of their loyal fan-base like that.

Next Time on Ash on Ice – Waivers & Buyouts & Trade Reactions. (And probably Free Agency Reactions)


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